Bayreuth festival – a peek inside the workshop

The magic inside the costume atelier of Bayreuth Festival is a closely guarded secret, and same as all other employees I signed a non-disclosure agreement. So I'm happy to be able to show some of my work here in a little interview and video produced by The Society of Friends of Bayreuth. They interviewed me as part of a "behind the scenes" series for their blog and filmed me in the workshop as I'm sewing trousers for the main character of this year's premiering production, Lohengrin

Read the full interview in English and German here.

A few thoughts on the main differences between fashion and theatre.

And a bit of an impression of men's tailoring vs women's dress making.

Thanks to Wladimir Jungmann and Anna Meyer, heads of men's tailoring here, who put me forward to represent the workshop, and to Dorothea Nicolai, head of costume department, who heeded their suggestion. Also thanks to Kathrin B. Haaser for a last minute make-up intervention before the shoot.