Chapeau du Matin with a twist

The process of shaping a straw hat it is a bit different from the way felt is worked: you cannot use as much moisture otherwise it will damage the structure of the straw and permanently destort the weave. So instead of a steamer, a damp cloth and an iron do the trick. A cotton ribbon and a few pins hold the shape until it's dried and cooled off. Again, a dressing helps to retain the shape.

To add a twist to the classic shape of the block, I decided to lift up and fold the back of the rim. The effect was a nice upward slope to the edge that allows me to tilt the hat back slightly. A wire is inserted into the the rim to add a bit more structure to the curve.

The opening in the fold serves to pull through a band of fabric that will stay in place without stitching it to the hat. I like variety and now I can easily insert a fabric with a new pattern or colour to match (or contrast!) my outfit.