Rousseau Nouveau

Patriotic, functional street wear

Inspired by the French Revolution and the 2005 riots in the banlieues, this playful project should be taken with a sense of humour but also subtly questions ideas of national identity and the romanticisation of revolution.

The outfit serves a dual purpose. By day light it is a casual, comfortable hoodie with net inserts to enable listening to music with big head phones, sending a subtle patriotic message through the „Napoleon pose“ hand embellished on the front.

When the time is right however, the net can be put to good use to cover the face, and the trousers can be shortened to a length more suited to kicking in fights. A bold accessory exaggerates the revolutionary tricolour look and serves to protect head, shoulder, elbows and hands in a fist fight.

Everything you see in the design section can be created to your individual taste. Just send me a message to enquire.